Thursday, August 25, 2011

Been reading a lot more this summer....

Just a few stuff that I've been reading this summer. Mostly comics, but I threw in the Steven Tyler book in there, pretty bizarre read. Highly recommended if you want to know about Aerosmith's leading guy and the psychedelic trip he took back then, and maybe even still. As for the comics, 'Identity Crisis' is definitely a great read. It concerns the murder of a super hero's significant other. 'Infinite Crisis' on the other hand is truly mind boggling. Tough to swallow, the story is simple, but they make it so complicated to a non avid reader. Whereas, 'Identity Crisis' is pretty straight forward and can be picked up by any slow-joe. 'Blackest Night' is also pretty cool. It revolves around the Lantern Corps against the darkness they harnessed from battling each other. But to read 'Blackest Night' on its own is not recommended, pick up 'Green Lantern: Blackest Night' to help fill in some of the loophole. Lastly, this summer's DC offering that will lead to the NEW 52, is FLASHPOINT, as the title suggest, it revolves around Barry Allen's Flash where he was taken to an alternate  universe where no one knows who he is and Batman is not the Batman that we knows. I highly recommend that. Its a great alternate world and pick up the mini-series that ties in to the main FLASHPOINT title like 'Emperor Aquaman' and 'Wonder Woman and The Furies', of course get the 'Batman' & 'Project Superman' mini-series as well, those are some genius writing event hough it has no significant tie-ins to the main title.

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