Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick weekend recap - Chicago Wizard World Convention 2011

This past weekend, the nerds, geeks & comic book guys/gals swarmed the annual Wizard World 2011 held in it's regular spot @ Rosemont Convention Center. Although I did not go this year, I can still vividly recall from my visit last year, the big open space with lots of vendors trying to sells comic books & comic book related products. Also in attendance was old has been actors trying to promote whatever it is they are trying to promote. San Diego Comic Con this is NOT! Although the selection of comics are the same, but the major attractions are different. Chicago Comic Con is like a visit to your old school comic book stores, where it is still low key, San Diego CC is a different animal all together, especially in recent years where Hollywood seems to take over and even this past July, they had Francis Ford Copolla, YES, the old fat dude that made the Godfather Trilogy.

So here is Chicago's version of Batman & Superman

Here is Robin:
Here is Mr T:

Here is Wolverine:

While this is from last month's San Diego Comic Con:


Here is Batman & Poison Ivy:

This guy could be the real Weapon X, HaHaHa....nice shorts bub!

Nice mutton chops too....!!!

Have you seen Scarlett Johansson? SORRY NO!

LASTLY, the MOST awesome custome from San Diego, my pal. Bumblebee.

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