Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Big Lebowski is out on BLU RAY DVD!!!!

Thirteen years since the movie came out to somewhat bad reviews and lukewarm receptions, The Big Lebowski now enjoys a huge cult following and it is now immortalized on high definition Blu-Ray DVD disc. The movie was loosely based on the novel "The Big Sleep" by Raymond Chandler and starred Jeff Bridges, John Goodman and Julianne Moore.

When I first took my then GF, now wifey to watch this movie, she did not like it. Heck even I thought it was kinda slow moving and dull. But recently, I decided to give it another try and found it still slow moving, but more entertaining than the first time. Maybe the 2nd time around we saw it on the comfort of our living room instead of an overcrowded movie theater in a college town of Normal, IL.

I am glad that this is now on Blu-Ray DVD, although I would think that it would looses a lot of its laid back charm when the picture is too clear & sharp. But then again, maybe we can actually see the pee stain left of The Dude's rug more clearly now that it is on Blu-Ray DVD. 

Puckering up: Jeff Bridges shares a kiss on the red carpet with co-star Julianne Moore at the Blu-ray premiere of cult classic The Big Lebowski in New York

Let's go bowling: Along with fellow co-star John Goodman, they all made a lively arrival to the event

Check out my moves: Bridges, who plays The Dude, lived up to the crazy antics of his on-screen character

Ok, enough now: Moore still managed to look elegant in black dress, complete with white bow, as the boys larked around

Cast call: T-Bone Burnett, who worked on the film's soundtrack joined the cast for a photo opportunity

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