Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The URBAN breakfast for people on the go.

I LOVE to eat breakfast, (bacon, eggs, toast, pancake etc) but not at breakfast time. I was never a big breakfast type of guy for the simple reason that I hated waking up early for school. But on weekends I absolutely adore breakfast, b'cause we don't have to wake up at 6am. But around 9am and by that time, I am usually hungry from a night of dreaming about food. Anyways that was a long time ago, nowadays, I HAVE to wake up early for work, but since I was never accustomed to eating early in the morning, I usually just have huge cup of coffee with the occasional bowl of cereal. But from my understanding, many city folks are somewhat similar to yours truly. No time for breakfast since they are always on the go during the work days, I see them carry their coffee in their travel mug or they get Starbucks or Dunkin's coffee. The sitting on the breakfast table before work/school is a lost tradition for most city folks. Thus the rise of popularity of folks eating breakfast at breakfast places/diners such as YOLK during the weekends. I would usually past by breakfast establishment on my way to church on Sundays and the line of people outside of Anne Sather and other breakfast joints are incredible long. I often wonder why these people can't just fry their own eggs and use their toasters to burn their bread, but instead they feel the need to pay $8+/plate for their eggs, toast & bacon....I guess it is all about bringing that tradition of sitting down for breakfast that eludes them during the week, and the only time they have for that lost art is the weekends.

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