Friday, February 1, 2013

My AKB48 crush - Mariko Shinoda

This girl might not be the lead in any of AKB48 videos' heck she wasn't even chosen in the audition process to be the founding members of AKB48 when she tried out back in 2004-2005, but her persistency and hard work at the AKB48 Cafe paid off, she was voted by the fans and was given a chance to memorized 12 songs as well as each song's choreogrphy in 4 days to have a chance to become a member of AKB48, and guess what, she PRACTICED and made it as a member. Although not the most popular member, she is one of the tallest girls in the group and she is also one of the oldest girls, at 26, she is actually a woman, but you can't really tell the difference in age between her and members that are ten years her junior, like Jurina Matsui. I am hoping that her career will go beyond AKB48 and it seems that she is up to a good start with ther own show it seems and last I heard, she was supposed to have a SOLO song with AKB48, so let's cheer her own, GANBATTE KUDASAI Shinoda-san!

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