Monday, November 26, 2012

Buzzer Beat - Japanese dorama from 2009

I am half way done watching this dorama that originally aired in Japan in the summer of 2009, and so far I thoroughly enjoy it and most importantly so does my wife. It brought back fun loving memories of how basketball used to be the center of my life in high school, and it made me glad that I chose that sports although it robbed me of my knees, my back and many other physical injuries that came with the sports, I am still at times reminded of the beauty and how much FUN it used to be. The funny coincidences that relates this dorama to me personally, is the jersey number worn by the main character, number EIGHT. But of course I was never that good, nor popular with the ladies back then, but there was a girl from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan that I became close to and of course, Keiko Kitagawa from this dorama happens to be from the same City & Prefecture, so I guess there's more than just one coincidence, but then again, if you dig the little things and linked everything, I am sure there will be more but let's just leave it there.......for now! LOL!!!

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