Friday, July 13, 2012

Carmen Electra is still a (Baywatch) babe at 40!

Before Kate Upton did the Baywatch inspired photo shoot for GQ and before Scarlett Johansson became everyone's favorite 'Black Widow', there's Pamela Anderson and of course there's the less known bombshell, Carmen Electra. Both babes filled up those sexy red suits in thae little known show about a bunch of big breasted lifeguards called Baywatch. Of course once that show was canned both blossomed into stardom and made forgettable movies. Well Pammy went on to have kids with a bunch of rockstars and Carmen married Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro, of course she is now singled out once again. However, with that body at 40 years old, I doubt she will stay single for long, LOL! Cheers!

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