Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another year, another early exit for the L.A.Lakers

Facebook, Twitter and every social media platform was buzzing last night as the Los Angeles Lakers was defeated by the OKC Thunder in the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs. All of the sudden, the so-called Lakers 'fan' became quiet as the roar of OKC fans grew louder. I guess that comes with the territory when you are the Lakers or a true Laker fan, you get used to either the cheering or the jeering. Only a handful of professional sports team goes under scrutiny each year whether they win or loose. The New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Lakers. Those are the teams that everyone love to hate, they spend money, they "buy" available talents, they get the high profile free agents. I guess when you live in an undesirable small market, you became sour to what these "evil" empire teams are doing, taking away your talents and luring them with money & glamour of the big city. But folks that only think about it that way must not have a college degree nor a brain for that matter. It's all BUSINESS, especially for the Lakers. That is the primary business of the Buss family, they HAVE to put the best available players in a Lakers uniform for that basketball entertainment business to keep pumping revenue. That is why it is VERY important for the Lakers to have at least a marquee name superstar at ALL times. Ever since Magic Johnson retire, the Lakers has had TWO of the biggest NBA superstars, Shaq, then they paired him with Kobe, then they traded Shaq to keep Kobe, afterward they traded for Pau Gasol, although not a superstar he was key in the two Championship in 2009 & 2010. Now? Kobe is still there, but it's time to regenerate once again. The Kobester is not getting any younger, his 33 year old legs can't play 35-40 minutes a game anymore, there has to be another guy that can carry the load, they didn't have that these past two years. Some said that Phil Jackson basically screwed the Lakers and the owners daughter then left the Lakers scarred after that sweep by the Mavs last year. Then this season, they brought in a coach with a different philosophy than what the Lakers are used to, DEFENSE! Mike Brown is a great guy, a good enough coach but he is far from the replacement that the aging Lakers needed and wanted. So now, after another early exit, all the haters started showing up again, 'fans' switched sides to the NEW IN-TEAM and Lakers will have to do what they should've done at the exit last year, TRADE for more high profile all-stars and make them superstars, cause ONLY IN L.A can you do that.

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