Monday, February 13, 2012


So I am sure by now, everyone in the world knows that Whitney Houston has died of unknown causes. But if you see pictures of Houston just a day before the succumbed, you can figure out the causes, COCAINE Overdozed. It is tragic that the world has to loose one of it's greatest singer this way but what's more tragic is how her children now are left with only their father, Bobby Brown. The thing that is ironic about all this is the fact that Bobby Brown IS the one that should've died from drugs abused, heck it was because of him that Whitney started using drugs in the first place, he basically destroyed her career and now he she is gone mostly because of Bobby B. Of course, one must be responsible for one's action, Whitney did put her self into this and she paid dearly with her live. R.I.P Ms. Whitney Houston, you will always be the greatest voice of my generation.

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